Connecting LIVE from Afghanistan – Canada Lowering of the Flag

We joined Canadian schools from cost-to-cost and Embassy of Canada in Afghanistan to learn about the work the Canadian troops did over the last twelve years and look forward to journey that is yet to come.


  1. We are about to start! We have students joining us from all over Canada.  

    We are lucky to connect to Afghanistan to hear from Ambassador Lyons, Canada's Ambassador to Afghanistan, Major General Milner, Commander of Canada’s training mission in Afghanistan, and Afghan human rights experts! 

    Everyone is super excited to get the event started!!  
  2.  Ambassador Lyons shares some amazing stories about the current situation for Afghan women
  3. Student's shared few of their beautiful art work they have created for this video conference 
  4. Student's also had the chance to ask the speakers questions!
  5. WOW! Time just flies by when you are having fun. So many questions but so little time. 

    We would like to thank Ambassador Lyons,  Major General Milner, and Afghan human rights experts, for taking time out their busy schedule to join us to share about the amazing and inspiring work done by the Canadian Military in Afghanistan. 

    A warm thank you to all the students who joined us for this special video conference and share their beautiful art work. 

    See you all next time!