Celebrating International Day of Human Rights with UNESCO and Equitas

December 10th marks the International Day of Human Rights. To observe, this year Canadian schools joined together for a digital workshop and national conversation on Human Rights. As you can see by these tweets, the workshop and the conversation was amazing.


  1. We started the digital workshop by sharing what we each think Human Rights means. Everyone thinks of different things when hear Human Rights. Here are few of the Human Rights that were mentioned were: right to equality, right to freedom, right to education, and so on.
  2. We also had two very important guest who joined us for this video conference, Marie-Christine from The Canadian Commission for UNESCO and Jean Sebastian from the Equitas.
  3. Marie-Christine shared with us the history of UNESCO. UNESCO was created in 1945, right after the WWII, to embody a culture of peace and prevent another world war. The Canadian Commission for UNESCO connects Canadians to the work UNESCO does and to build a more peaceful and sustainable future.
  4. Human Rights are important for not only what they mean but also because it connects us as global community. This year's International Day of Human Rights theme is Human Rights 365. What is means that everyday is Human Rights day.
  5. Jean Sebastian shared with us the work Equitas are doing to develop program in Canada and around the world that focuses on Human Rights education.
  6. The first tasks for the digital workshop was to answer the following questions: 1. What values are important to you? 2. What do you people need to live well and with dignity?
  7. Some of the values mentioned by the students were: well representing diversity, respect for the environment, having the rights to vote, freedom of religion, and respect for one and another.
  8. Following this activity, Jean Sebastian talked about the history and importance of Universal Declaration ofHuman Rights (UDHR). Jean Sebastain stated that the values the students mentioned are the basis of human rights.
  9. The second task for the digital workshop, each schools were asked to draw to human rights and share with other participating school.
  10. Few of the Human Rights that were drawn by the students were: Right to equality, Right to life, freedom, personal security, Right to marry and raise a family, Freedom of belief and religion, Right to equality before the law, and Right to education.