Eat Think Vote

In the lead up to the 2015 federal election, Community Food Centres Canada joined forces with Food Secure Canada’s Eat Think Vote campaign,giving people across Canada the chance to engage in deeper conversations about poverty and food insecurity. See how Community Food Centres, Good Food Organizations, and people from coast to coast got behind the Eat Think Vote campaign and shared how a basic income would give Canadians a solid floor tostand on.


  1. Scroll down for the campaign highlights as told through social media!
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  3. On September 30, Community Food Centres Canada hosted a webinar on basic income featuring former senator Hugh Segal and Dr. Andrew Pinto. Watch the video at!
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  5. ^ Moncton's West End Food Bank hosted an Eat Think Vote "Food Security Awareness Dinner" on September 22.
  6. The Stop Community Food Centre's Eat Think Vote event was a lively and interactive affair, with candidates and community members having in-depth discussions on local food security:
  7. Regent Park Community Food Centre hosted their Eat Think Vote event on September 29: