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E-Discovery Ireland 2011 Conference

On Thursday 6th of October, Ireland's first e-discovery and digital evidence conference took place at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Speakers included Stephen Mason, Browning Marean, Chris Dale, Pauline Walley, Steven Whitaker, Ronan Lupton, Liam Kennedy and many more. This Storify piece covers the conference pre event, post event and updates from throughout the day of the conference.


  1. Pre event
  2. Tom Murphy at New Tech Post introduces us as to why this conference is important: "The event offers Ireland the opportunity to, "Get to grips with the level of electronic evidence that is required today."

  3. Project Counsel also provide a short summary of the conference.
  4. Gordon Smith at Silicon Republic talks about the e-discovery challenge that faces Irish companies and also introduces Cernam, the organisers of E-Discovery Ireland 2011.
  5. Chris Dale, a speaker at E-Discovery Ireland 2011 writes about the differences in e-discovery practices from country to country.

    "Discovery in Ireland is much more limited than in England and Wales and its rules reflect that.  The idea of limited discovery sounds great until it comes up against the brute fact that those who litigate have as many documents as those from anywhere else, and that that is where the evidence often lies."

  6. Updates throughout the day of the conference.

  7. 110 people attended the conference with a 50:50 split between legal and technology practitioners.
  8. Mr Justice Frank Clarke opens and chairs the conference.
  9. Liam Kennedy introduced the current state of play in Ireland and outlined key differences between Ireland, the US and the UK.

  10. Simon Collins spoke about Ersnt & Young's survey of electronic evidence in Ireland.

  11. Chris Dale and Steven Whitaker had an insightful discussion about e-discovery in common law countries. They make a great double act!
  12. Ronan Lupton spoke about e-discovery in the EU.