#critlib chat: Working from within the system to create change

Storify of the #critlib chat from 8/11/2015 on creating change from within the system, moderated by @fiiidget. For more information about #critlib, including past & future chats, see http://tinyurl.com/critlibx


  1. [Borrowing from @oksveta's disclaimer: I attempted to include all of the relevant tweets from the chat and put them together. Retweets, favorites, & tweets without the hashtag are omitted on purpose. Misreadings and all other mistakes are all my own.]
  2. Readings

  3. What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities - Miram Posner
    While this talk addresses DH specifically, it frames well the struggle between some of the inherent biases of the systems that we work with and within, and the potential and urgency of learning how to subvert and transform those systems into something that is more equitable across the board.
  4. Now hiring smiling faces (and who cares about your insides) - Maria Accardi - Academic Librarian Instruction Burnout
    And on the flipside, this blog post (and the entire excellent blog!) addresses well the difficulty of trying to do good work in places that don't always support you.
  5. Introductions