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    0fe9572dea Periodically inspect sprinkler control valves to insure that they are in the open position. 12) Perhaps this will demonstrate why nobody but nobody would ever produce such hydraulic calculations manually - you are just bound to make an error somewhere so getting the WRONG answer! . FREE program #6 of 17 : AACALC10. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, DO YOUR COMPANY A FAVOR BY OBTAINING A COPY! . 2002Easy-Fast Charted Designs.
    Two types of data are requested: general project data and pipe segment data. CP-System Building Design for AutoCAD v.6 11CP-System is add-on software for building design without the overhead involved in Building Information Modeling (commonly known as BIM).
    Improved Windows 7 Support! . 66.776667 L/min (again about 3.5 more than the previous head). Flow test fire pumps to assure their continued performance. FREE PROGRAM #17 of 17 : FREESPRAY You can click here for the full source code and a test file for FREESPRAY to do the full hydraulic calculation of spray, deluge, drencher, hydrant etc.
    Innovative / unique features include a very comprehensive options list, producing a zoomable 3D "picture" of the pipework / heads with an aerial view on a building "background", multiple water supplies, unique range numbers (so a complete range can be copied with a single number) or pipe-by-pipe, range-by-range (using "node" numbers that you may be used to), fast calculations and easy to follow results presentation. 9) So the flow Q in the third 40 mm pipe is now 123.4950868 + 66.776667 = 190.2717538 L/min along with L = 4.0, C = 120 and D = 41.95 mm.
    Version 4.2 is written in Visual Basic 6.0 (32 bit compatibility). FREE program #5