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  1. Despite the fact that this is the Information Age, the dawning of the latest social networking, we are in fact meeting up with others in face-to-face activities more than any other time in history. From seeing the news you might get the feeling that folks are turning into Internet zombies, sitting in their own rooms, laptop in lap, rotting away while they breeze through the profiles of individuals they will not ever see. Actually, people are using those social networking outlets to hook up with each other for enjoyment offline activities. Now, another technology, mobile phone reverse telephone lookups, can enable you to preserve your safety while you meet these people.

    We've each heard the horror stories about people becoming Internet friends and then taking their relationship-whether it be intimate, casual, or business-out into the real universe. Suddenly, lies are discovered, people are not who or what they said they were. This has sadly, on occasion, finished in violence or departure. Naturally, this really is the vast minority of all such encounters; nevertheless, this is a serious problem that needs to be handled as such. How, exactly, can people protect themselves when they're transitioning a relationship from a web-based one to an offline one?

    Well, there are many precautions which can be taken, the majority of which are outside the scope of this article. The one that is the focus of the text is using reverse lookup technology. This is a robust strategy of not only studying who it's that you will be meeting, but also of leaving a trail for the authorities to follow if something should happen to you personally.

    Before meeting your friend for the first time, an exchange of phone numbers is totally natural. It's probable they'll be cell phone numbers, as you'll be meeting in a public place. It's possible for you to put in your buddy's cell phone number into a reverse lookup service and confirm their name, and of course get their address also. Once you've gathered this information, double check it; give your buddy a call and verify their info. Let them know that you will undoubtedly be leaving it using a buddy or relative, just in case.

    That shouldn't be a bluff. While a relative might stress unduly, a friend is likely to realize and value that you are being cautious. In this way you can use mobile phone reverse telephone lookup technology to safeguard yourself from injury.