Electric Panel Board: What Are They And Why Are They Used?


  1. A panel or group of individual panel units are capable of being assembled like a single panel and designed for including circuit breakers, fuses and switches. The units are situated in a cutout box or cabinet which is positioned in or against a partition or wall and reachable only from the front.

    A panel board is basically used for circuits supplying motors and various other heavy power consuming devices, as contrasting to the panel board which are used for lighting circuits.

    A control panel is generally vertical, often flat region where monitoring or controlling instruments are displayed. These control panels are found in factories for monitoring and controlling production lines or machines and in places like mainframe computers, nuclear power plants, aircraft and ships. Older control panels are time and again equipped with analog instruments and push buttons, while today in many situations; touch screens are utilized for controlling and monitoring purposes.

    Electric Panel Board is a drawing board with an adaptable outside frame which is forced over paper for holding and straining it. It is like a rigid and strong paperboard which is used in building construction and for paneling in automobile bodies. An electrical panel contains fuses and switches or circuit breakers scheming branch circuits, like for fan or light motors which is enclosed in a metal cabinet and generally placed in or against a wall, also known as distribution board.

    Panel boards are perfect for appliance branch circuit protection and lighting. Control electrical panelboard is specifically designed by the experts and professionals for meeting the stringent needs mandated by multiple building codes. The elevator control panel board takes the speculation out of code fulfillment and conformity with respect to the electrical communications systems and electrical components.

    Panel board is the invented first product of its class which is specifically designed for refurbishing existing electrical systems. Exceptional chassis features, time-saving installation and adjustable interior assembly facets diminish any required downtime, clean-up and wall reconstruction.

    These panel boards are intrinsically designed by the team of expert professionals for service entrance, industrial and commercial applications for protecting and switching branch and feeder circuits. Panel board units encompass switching contact structures with an immediate trip element whilst switches have a quick-break, quick-make feature.

    Panel boards offer the potential of housing more breakers in less space than any other in the industry, up to matter-of-fact physical restrictions, like, standard box widths and heights.