AntiSemites on twitter - @SplottDave arrested

In which I have a conversation with one of Dave's friends, about antisemitism and racism.


  1. News came out that @splottdave had been arrested for tweets likely to cause harm or incite racial hatred. Dave is well-known for his antisemitism and Holocaust denial, but his friends claim he's being persecuted by Zionists (who apparently control the police in Wales...).
  2. Edit: On March 15 2016, the Campaign Against Antisemitism announced four arrests had been made for incitement to racial hatred on twitter, including Dave's.
  3. “Massacre, slaughter and revenge are deeply ingrained in the collective Jewish psyche from the moment of birth onwards.” - @SplottDave, who insists he's anti-Zionist, not antisemitic.
  4. I decided to see which of Dave's tweets Jean would defend. We didn't even get on to his Holocaust denial...
  5. So she doesn't hate Jews, doesn't think she's antisemitic, but Jews are not to be trusted and scriptures from thousands of years ago mean Jews don't make themselves easy to like...
  6. But how does she feel about David Duke?
  7. Didn't get into point that there's no need to be "proud to be white" as we're not oppressed for being white, as was trying to draw her out on Duke.