Restroom Line Ratios at Professional Programmers' Conferences

Tech is infamous for having men as the overwhelming percentage of attendees, to an even greater extreme that at the office. Attendees have been paying attention to whether there's "A Line at the Ladies Room". The laugh line is that there never is at a tech conference. Many people see gender ratios of a conference's restroom lines as a proxy measure of gender ratios of the conference's attendees. It suggests to observers whether a conference has been making strides at including women, or whether gender inclusivity remains a joke there. Here's how the ratio of restroom lines have (and haven't) been shifting at professional programmers' conferences since CallbackWomen was founded:


  1. (NOTE: it is a problem that this joke/metric treats gender as a binary. By doing so, it fails to acknowledge transgender people, genderqueer people, and gender-nonconforming people. Many of whom face risks -- such as losing bodily privacy, ejection from the conference, being assaulted, or being put under arrest -- just for using a public restroom when they need it. See  to learn how tech conferences can offer restrooms that are more inclusive of all genders.)