CCHS Digital Learning Day 2017

Catholic Central High School Rocks #DLDay 2017!


  1. Checkout the various resources available on the Digital Learning Day website!

  2. Students presented our teachers with Excellence in Using Technology in the Classroom certificates. Students were surveyed about digital learning activities in their classrooms and recipients were chosen from the results of those surveys.
  3. Student's stated that they enjoyed learning new tools, discovering new ways to use familiar apps in Mrs. Olson's graphic design class. In language classes, they enjoyed learning Spanish via their online textbook with it's interactive and multimedia features. They also enjoyed demonstrating their new knowledge via creation apps such as iMovie. In Mr. Jones' French classes student stated that they enjoyed "competing" in class with online assessments using KaHoot! as well as making voice recordings to improve pronunciation with Explain Everything.

  4. In both English and Science classes, students appreciated being able to utilize apps such as Prezi or Google Slides to add some creativity to their assessments. They also appreciated online study tools such as Quizlet which they felt helped them solidify their learning and earn higher scores on tests and quizzes. Physics students stated that they learned much from being able to utilize tools such as Vernier data collection probes and graphing tools which helped them to break down and visualize various actions during labs.

  5. In Mrs. Scott's class, students utilize many different technology tools in a project-based learning format. They enjoyed the group work as well as the many different means of collaboration, presentation, and assessment which included Nearpod presentations, Socrative quizzes, Google Slides for creating presentations as well as other apps as needed.
  6. Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Koch both utilize digital tools for learning. These include online quizzes such as KaHoot! and Quizlet which the students enjoyed as a competitive way to study, video presentations to explain material being taught, and online tools for creating presentations.