Charles Cowens in the News

A monument to me, or at least my ego. All the media mentions I can find for me compiled


  1. Budget Cuts

  2. 2003 March
  3. See link at left for list of cuts, posted by Charles Cowens of the Portola PTA.
  4. PTAs Banned from District Facilities

  5. 2004 September
  6. "I figured if Mr. Hersh had already pulled the trigger it was alittle late for us to talk. It was time for him to talk to our insurerand the state PTA," said Mr. Cowens.
    [mentions throughout]
  7. "Out of the blue, (Hersch) left a message on my phone Wednesday afternoon saying he was banning all PTA meetings. He didn't even go through the threatening phase," said Bayside Council President Charles Cowens. "He acted like he was playing hardball."
  8. Dave Brown

  9. 2007 December
  10. Charles Cowens, chairman of the district's Budget Advisory Committee and spokesman for the Bayside Council of PTAs, said "it would be nice if there was a reboot button for our school board."
    "It's not unusual for people to have disagreement or have different sides, but it's kind of bizarre that it's been reduced to junior high school levels," he said.
  11. "Trustee Area" Elections for WCCUSD

  12. 2008 July
  13. "I think it's a good idea because our district is a really large one that is heterogeneous," said Charles Cowens, one of the backers of the petition. "WCCUSD is a lot of different cities; dividing it up would be too difficult. Having district elections is a compromise. As an entity, it's still one unit, but there's still a local feel to the district."
  14. "If they wanted to postpone it, they should have moved to postpone it instead of denying it," said Charles Cowens.
  15. 2008 WCCUSD BOE Elections

  16. 2008 August
  17. West Contra Costa Unified -- Three school board seats are open. Incumbents Charles Ramsey, Audrey Miles and Madeline Kronenberg are running for re-election, challenged by newcomers Jason Freeman and Elaine Merriweather. Charles Cowens also has pulled papers.