Invitation to a journalism celebration

Thanks to Mizell Stewart, Mike Horning and Catherine Cassara were on the invitation list for the Scripps Howard Awards ceremony April 26th.


  1. We traveled to the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit for dinner and to watch winners pick up distinctive Scripps Howard Award trophies and cash awards totaling nearly $200,000.

    Winners ranged from Jack Ohman of The (Portland) Oregonian whose editorial cartoons tackled national issues from a local perspective, to Jamie Lucke of the   Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader for taking on the powerful coal industry on behalf of the voiceless and powerless in Appalachia to Corinne Reilly of The Virginian-Pilot who traveled to Afghanistan to report on life in a combat hospital to May Ying Welsh of Jazeera English who shot and produced "Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark" a documentary that covered demonstrators’ pro-democracy protests during the height of the Arab revolutions and the regime’s brutal response.

    While the winners were asked not to thank their benefactors, they generally did, in particular because both the award and the experience of the ceremony gave renewed emphasis to why important journalism is still worth doing.

    A list of all the winners can be found at: ;

    While the ceremony we witnessed was the one for the best journalism across the industry, the day included recognition of the Scripps Howard company's own National Journalism Awards which included an award for investigative reporting to BGSU graduate for an investigative reporting piece published in August titled "Behind the Closing Curtain." 

    That report was a detailed look at why a Bonita Springs movie theater closed after a short period of time, leaving unpaid bills and uncompensated workers. In following a trail of public records, then Naples Daily News reporter Matt Clark discovered similar scenarios had played out in dozens of communities across the nation.

    Clark, who now works at the San Diego Times-Union, and Allen Bartlett, the editor in charge of investigative reporting at the Naples Daily News, were named as recipients of the award.