1. Music, TV Shows And Movies That'll Scare Your Socks Off

  2. These are the creepiest pop music videos EVER. It's no surprise that Rihanna's creepy "Disturbia" video makes the list! 
  3. Who else made our "Top 10 Creepy Pop Music Videos" list?
  4. 20 Ghostly Rock Songs for your Halloween Party!
  5. This ghostly and violent video is enough to evoke nightmares. Watch My Chemical Romance's "The Ghost of You."
  6. My Chemical Romance - "The Ghost Of You" [Official Music Video]
  7. Have you caught up with "The Walking Dead" yet? Think it's about time you did!
  8. Halloween Fun, Anyone? 

  9. Which celebs would make a good vamp? Time to Pick-A-Side!

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  11. What is the Scariest Horror Film of All Time?
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  13. Funniest Halloween Prank Videos:

  14. All You Zombies: Five Great Zombie Flicks for Halloween

  15. What is your favorite zombie flick? bit.ly/VAjuvC
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  17. Show Us Your #SCAREDYA Face

  18. Tweet us your scariest-scary face pic using the hashtag #SCAREDYA for your chance to be included in our Ultimate Halloween list! (Insert evil laugh here).