1. The McKinsey Global Institute released a new report today saying the global cost of obesity is now an astonishing $2 trillion annually. To give you some perspective, the report says that is nearly as much as smoking or the combined impact of armed violence, war and terrorism.
  2. Economically, obesity is among the top three social problems generated by human beings, according to the report. 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese. Another discouraging fact from the report is 15% of health-care costs in developed economies are driven by it.
  3. Some CBC readers said the way to curb obesity is for people to start making homemade meals and avoid processed foods:
  4. A healthy meal from scratch can be prepared in 30 to 40 minutes. Takes some planning and does not have to be expensive. Check the price of onions, carrots and cabbage in the supermarket today.
  5. As long as you're not buying organic everything, healthy food isn't that expensive. My girlfriend and I spend about $100-$150 a week, on all natural whole foods and meat. That's just another excuse people make. The toughest part is discipline.
  6. GregNixon
    Well the solution is right in your backyard. It is called a garden. Vegetables and local fruits have less sugar and corn and milk than processed foods. Cheese is delicious but very fattening. We also consume too much meat. I was very alarmed recently at a family gathering. Everyone was fat. They were not fat 10 years ago. I was not fat 10 years ago. At the age of 20 my weight was about 115 lbs. At the age of 40 it was about 160 lbs. but was still trim and muscular from work. At the age of 65 I had ballooned to over 270 lbs. I am now on an aggressive diet because I am concerned for my health and the welfare of my family.
  7. Encourage people to grow their own vegetables where appropriate. Gradually reduce entree sizes in restaurants. But I think the real change would be if the emphasis on the way children see food. Most kids eat mostly highly processed food and many don't eat any vegetables
  8. Education for the ignorant........get in your kitchens and cook real food from scratch and stop drinking 6 diet cokes a day. Preparing real food is cheaper if we eat as our grandparents did.
  9. While others argue that unhealthy (or fatty, sugary foods) should be taxed, like cigarettes and booze:
  10. Tax food and candy like booze and smokes...
  11. First off stop the commercials on TV advertising a product that everyone knows is killing them. Example McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, the list is endless. Then start taxing the hell out of them like you did with cigarettes and booze.
  12. While others argue that the high cost of healthy food (and the low-cost of unhealthy food) is the problem:
  13. Make healthy food more affordable. Fast food is a lot cheaper than a good meal with a piece of fruit or serving of vegetables. Get kids active and educated. I played ice hockey growing up, and my coaches always stressed the importance of nutrition. We all wanted to play in the NHL, so we listened.
  14. There is no shortage of food. People are hungry because of poverty. You may eat all the glyphosate with POEA crops you want, it won't be on our dinner table. I have a problem eating something that has never been proven safe for human consumption. If it was the Factor GMO study, at a cost of 25 million wouldn't have been launched.
  15. Quit subsidizing corn crops which aids in bad foods artificially deflated pricing. It would also free up fields for better vegetables to grow and drop the cost of healthy foods.
  16. Others simply argue that exercising needs to be a bigger part of our daily lives:
  17. The best thing would be to consume less, or exercise more. Simple.
  18. chaser79
    Eat healthy, drink more water, cut out sugary drinks, exercise (just go for walks).
    Sure, indulge every now and then in some junk food, but not every day. Not about being thin like a rake, but being fit, healthy.. so you don't get winded walking up stairs.
  19. Trajan
    We must certainly be one the first few generations in the history of human civilization whose problem, among many others, is that we eat way too much food. And mostly crap food at that. Eat less food, better food, and talk a walk or something.
  20. Obesity's global costs hit $2 trillion a year, report suggests. Nearly half the world's adults will be overweight or obese by 2030 should present trends continue. What do you think the best method(s) of preventing obesity is? Leave your comments below:
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