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You wrote this story. #CBCa2b Montreal's biggest transit issues.

We wanted to find Montreal's biggest transit problem. We decided to capture a moment of time in traffic - 5:15 pm on Thursday, February 23. We asked listeners what they thought needed to be changed in Montreal.


  1. As you know- it's been a difficult year to get from point A to point B in Montreal.
  2. Remember days like these? 
  3. So we asked you: What is Montreal's biggest transit problem on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012? You had lots of answers.
  4. MTLCity Feb 23, 5:17pm via Web #CBCa2b @cbcHomerun better pedestrian safety, ask Dr. Patrick Morency at the public health dept. Cars need to move but peds need to cross.
  5. ppnadeau Feb 22, 9:36pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® @cbcHomerun Montreal would benefit from completion of highways 640 and 30 to the west to eliminate unnecessary traffic on the island #CBCa2b
  6. Even with all of the problems on the roads, many focused on issues with public transportation.
  7. DavidFSkinner Feb 23, 6:04pm via Web @cbcHomerun The lack of a truly comprehensive and dependable public transit system (as in London). AMT needs to provide trains all day.
  8. markjohnh Feb 23, 5:23pm via Web @cbcHomerun Biggest transit issue: The rudeness, unwillingness to serve, & sense of entitlement of STM employees.
  9. ILLAbilities Feb 24, 7:54pm via Twitter for iPhone @cbcHomerun accessibility ;)
  10. Then we took the top 3 issues... and voted.
  11. And you made your decision:
  12. We asked- How we can improve public transit in Montreal?
  13. But one idea floated to the top.
  14. TheLynxBlog Feb 27, 11:54pm via Twitter for iPhone @cbcHomerun Portland, Oregon is a good model in terms of public transit.
  15. So we looked to Portland, OR and found one person in Montreal who spent time studying their transit system, 
    David Hanna from UQAM.