1. Toronto, still reeling from Mayor Rob Ford's bizarre captivity in a hotel freight elevator, is now infamous in the eyes of Jeopardy clue writers, as Ford's denials of and admissions to drug use appeared on the game show last night.
  2. To really appreciate Toronto's shame, you have to hear the way host Alex Trebek delivered the answer and how quickly contestant Chip came up with the correct question.
  3. Rob Ford 'Jeopardy!' Question Pokes Fun At Mayor's Crack Use
  4. Torontonians bemoaned the city's reputation on the international stage that is syndicated evening game shows.
  5. Even Toronto Councillor Shelley Carroll tweeted her dismay.
  6. (Actually, it was the $800 clue, but let's not split hairs.)

    Many people tweeted photos of their TV screens as the clue appeared.
  7. Some people even came up with their own Jeopardy clues in response.
  8. But Jeopardy notoriety wasn't the only indignity Toronto had to suffer last night.
  9. Yes, the Stars put up Justin Beiber's booking photo on the scoreboard during their tilt with the Leafs with the caption "Maple Leafs Fan." So, that happened last night, too.
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