Vancouver cleans up after riot

Just hours after the Vancouver riots began, people started organizing on Facebook and Twitter to co-ordinate a volunteer clean-up.

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  1. A Twitter account and Facebook page got the ball rolling late Wednesday night.

  2. Thursday morning, people posted pictures and updates, some using the hashtags #vancouvercleanup and #thisismyvancouver, which became trending topics in the city.

  3. Vancouver Residents clean up after rioters
  4. The boarded-up storefront windows became message boards for people to express their regret for the riot and their love of the city.

  5. A Vancouver police car also became a bulletin board of sorts as it became covered with hundreds of sticky notes with messages of thanks.

  6. Vancouver Cleanup: Post-Riots
  7. Vancouver Cleanup: Post-Riots
  8. Volunteers helping with the clean-up