1. Toronto is adding its name to the list of Canadian cities challenging Uber’s legality by asking for a court injunction that would shut down the ride service. The accusation? A “flagrant disregard” of city licensing requirements and the “serious risk to the public” that it poses.
  2. Uber operates in 230 cities around the world. Some of the criticism has come from customers who say the service does not provide the same level of safety that licenced cabs do.
  3. Last week, Vancouver's taxi industry launched a pre-emptive strike (a lawsuit filed by four taxi companies is seeking an injection to prevent Uber from starting up in Vancouver) against Uber, alleging in a lawsuit that the U.S.-based company is preparing to launch with unlicensed drivers in an attempt to illegally undercut traditional cabs.
  4. In Ottawa, police have been conducting undercover stings that have resulted in 14 charges against Uber drivers to date. And in in Montreal, Mayor Denis Coderre had strong words for Uber at the end of October: “Right now if they don’t respect the rules, yes it’s illegal, of course it’s illegal."
  5. Here's what CBC readers had to say about their experiences with Uber (and most of them had positive experiences, despite recent negative press):
  6. Drivers love it, the big guys making all the $$ hate it. Hmmmmmm. I wonder why über is worth over a billion dollars. This is how we phase out the old system. Time to evolve with the times, not ban things that are better for consumers and the drivers!!!
  7. Safest drive in the world. Time to evolve with times. Uber is awesome.
  8. I have used Uber in Paris and it was great!
  9. Uber is the way of the future. Get used to it, or not. Doesn't matter what everyone thinks. Its here to stay.
  10. I love Uber! Clean cars, pleasant, prompt and reliable drivers.
  11. Uber drivers should have taxi licenses and the correct insurance.
  12. I'm a long time Uber user (started using it in the USA) and got my wife to try it as well. We both love it, have had nothing but a great experience. The drivers are rated, you are insured by Uber, the ride comes when they say it will (and you can watch it come) you can reject a driver, you rate a driver (and they rate you too). It really is a consumer friendly service, and the old cab industry just makes zero sense today with services like Uber (there are more, such as lyft) coming online. The great thing is, if Uber scares you, you don't have to use it. That is your right. Don't force people who prefer it to NOT use it because you're scared.
  13. I love Uber! Clean cars, pleasant, prompt and reliable drivers.
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