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Student's selfie with pregnant teacher 'in labour' goes viral


  1. A tweet-happy Florida high school student is getting a taste of internet fame this week after snapping a photo with his pregnant teacher while she was experiencing contractions at school.

    "Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions," wrote Malik Whiter, a junior at Coral Springs Charter School.

    The photo has since been retweeted more than 20,000 times.
  2. Susana Halleck, who isn't due until Dec. 15 according to Miami's Local 10 news, started having contractions while teaching a class on Tuesday.

    The viral photo shows Halleck talking to her mother on the phone while Whiter smiles broadly in the foreground. After a brief trip to the hopsital, it was determined that Halleck was not in labour yet -- but that didn't detract from the sentiment of the tweet.

    Many have remixed the image to comedic effect, turning "pregnant teacher selfie guy" into a bona fide internet meme.
  3. While some have criticized Whiter's actions, holding his photo up as an example of digital narcissism run amok among today's youth, the student maintains that he simply wanted to capture a memorable moment.

    According to the teacher's sister-in-law, Halleck herself is tickled by the photo. "Everyone is going crazy over it!" wrote Sofia Garcia to Whiter on Twitter.

    Whiter told Local 10 that he was surprised by all of the attention, but it appears to be a pleasant surprise.

    Tweets of praise continue to roll in for Whiter from fellow students and teens across the country.
  4. Despite the attention, Whiter is staying grounded.
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