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Snowed-in Buffalo residents share stunning images of 'buried' city


  1. This is a wall of snow coming off the lake into #Buffalo #Snow #Weather
    This is a wall of snow coming off the lake into #Buffalo #Snow #Weather
  2. Hundreds of people in upstate New York have reportedly been trapped in their homes, offices and vehicles as the result of a ferocious winter storm that saw temperatures fall to freezing or below in all 50 states this week.

    The storm, which is being blamed for the deaths of 7 people in the U.S., has lead to multiple road closures, flight cancellations and missed school days for children all across the country.

    But it would appear as though no city has been hit harder by the storm than Buffalo, N.Y., which was slammed by a massive "wall of snow" that rolled off of Lake Erie on Tuesday.
  3. New York governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency in Erie county, where Buffalo is located, as well as several other New York counties Tuesday evening.
  4. By Wednesday morning, more than 150 centimetres had fallen in some parts of the city, and officials say that the snow total could top 180 centimetres by this afternoon — with another potential 60 centimetres expected by Thursday.

    As many online are putting it, Buffalo is now "buried" in snow.
  5. Residents of Buffalo and others interested in the storm are using the hashtag #BuffaloSnow on Instagram and Twitter to share photos and accounts of their experiences in and around the city.

    One young woman live-tweeted the experience of being trapped on the I-90 stretch of the New York State Thruway while riding a Greyhound bus to New Jersey.
  6. After 38 hours on the bus, the woman reported that passengers were being rescued and taken to a shelter.

    In total, more than 150 vehicles were halted mid-travel by the storm.

    Members of the Niagara University women's basketball team were also trapped on the I-90 for about 24 hours before they were rescued and, as of Wednesday morning, the band Interpol is still trapped in a tour bus outside of Buffalo.