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Rob Ford's vow to stay in office sparks angry Twitter storm


  1. In his second press conference at city hall today, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford assured voters that his name would would once again be on the ballot in 2014. This follows today's earlier bombshell announcement that he has, indeed, smoked crack.
  2. Earlier today, some -- including councillors John Filion, Denzil Minnan Wong and Jaye Robinson -- encouraged the mayor to get help, take a leave of absence or resign in light of his admission. 

    On Twitter, the sentiment was echoed, and many anticipated that in his second press conference, the mayor would in fact resign.
  3. Instead of stepping down, however, Ford pledged his love for the city of Toronto and vowed to run for mayor again in the next election.

    "I was elected to do a job and that's exactly what I'm going to continue to do," Ford said in his speech. "In 2010, I made a commitment to Toronto voters. I have delivered on that commitment, and I will continue to deliver on that commitment on saving taxpayers money. But they have a choice. We live in a democracy, and on Oct. 27 of 2014, I want the people of this great city to decide whether they want Rob Ford to be their mayor."

  4. As Ford wrapped up his press conference, an angry Twitter storm ensued.
  5. Again, citizens encouraged the mayor to take some time off.
  6. Earlier today reaction to Ford's admission that he had smocked crack cocaine was immediate and spread worldwide on social media.
  7. Our original tweet on the @CBCNews account has received more than 1,300 retweets.
  8. News outlets around the world picked up the story