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Ontario election coming, whether readers like it or not


  1. Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath announced this morning that she would not support the Liberal government's budget bill and would trigger a provincial election this summer.

    CBC News Queen's Park reporter Genevieve Tomney broke the news on Twitter.
  2. Some in the CBC Community agreed with Horvath, saying a change of government is needed in Ontario.
  3. at least someone in that cesspool is right on one thing..Go Iron Andrea !!
  4. "Congratulations Andrea! You showed great strength under pressure. You are a strong Leader and I will vote for you!" said cindyableson.
  5. oh thank you Andrea Horwath thank you once again you got my and my wife's vote like the last time.
  6. Some people following the story on CBC News, though, didn't agree with the NDP leader about what kind of change is needed.
  7. Thank You Andrea!You'll regret it, but thanks anyways.
  8. "There has been enough funny business on the Government side of the aisle regarding the power plants, ORNGE, deleted emails, and whatever else. The only way we get answers is with the PC's or NDP on the government side of the aisle. An election should be called solely for that reason," said Mark Winn.
  9. "Just call an election so we can throw out the Liberals and put in an honest Conservative government," said HereYouAre.
  10. And some wanted an election to give the Liberals a new mandate.
  11. This is perfect! We can officially elect Kathleen Wynne!
  12. However, some readers didn't want to see an election this summer and thought that the NDP should have supported the government's budget bill.
  13. "I don't understand why Howarth is objecting to this budget. It would be her "dream" budget. It has almost everything she wants and she can't have everything," said Mary Lynn M..
  14. Andrea Horwath just said no to the working class in her own riding.
  15. "Unlike most politicians, Ms. Wynne has displayed good will, respectful communication and a desire to work in cooperation with Opposition Parties. The last thing Ontario needs is a Conservative government working hand in hand with the Feds," said one voice.
  16. She turned down everything that NDP's believe in. She is off my list now. She could have at least given Wynne a chance to show if she would screw up and wait for when the next election is supposed to be. Dumb.
  17. "Horwath just pulled a Pauline Marois and shot herself in the foot and really made the NDP a lame duck party in the next election," said thewhite.
  18. It was a decent budget. This is a waste.
  19. Very shortsighted and makes me mistrust her even more. We need an election like .....a hole in the head. Bad girl, Andrea.