1. Close your eyes. Now imagine the city you live in. The street you live on. The route you take to school or work. 

    Now, what would you change about it? 

    Streetmix is a new app that lets people create the city of their dreams, one road at a time.
  2. Users can add more trees and sidewalks; put a waterfront where a parking lot is; make lanes for bikes, cars, streetcars, buses and light-rail transit -- whatever they want. 

    Streetmix user GregBrowe, for example, made a massive sidewalk the focal point of his creation, with access to individual lanes for cars and streetcars.

    Video gamers might compare the app to The Sims, a game in which you create your own world. 

    But instead of just plunking down houses or a theme park, Streetmix allows you to lay down finely detailed plans -- everything from deciding the width of a bus lane to which direction the buses are travelling.
  3. Toronto Transit, Canada, 2007
    Toronto Transit, Canada, 2007
  4. So far, more than 800 people have signed up to use Streetmix, according to Grist.org.
  5. Code for America is the non-profit organization behind the app. It's a team of activists and computer coders with a goal of getting average citizens more involved in their local governments.

    “We’re trying to give people more of a voice, and make it easier for them to challenge plans that professional planners come up with that they might not be happy about,” Code for America fellow Lou Huang told Grist.org.

    Some of Streetmix's users are already doing just that. A Washington, D.C. writer brainstormed on his blog what was best for a real road in that city that has multiple lanes, some of which turn into parking spots on weekends.

    So, he turned Washington's M Street from this:
  6. Into this: 
  7. And this:
  8. A bike blogger also considered how to change a Seattle street notorious for traffic accidents between cars and bicycles. Among his ideas were these creations:
  9. What do you think? What would your dream roads look like? Please feel free to tell us in the comments area below.
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