Miley Cyrus mocks Sinead O'Connor's breakdown in reply to open letter

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  1. Miley Cyrus has responded to Sinead O'Connor open letter to her, urging the twerking pop star not to "let the music business make a prostitute of you." The result is a celebrity spat playing out on social media, with accusations of bulling and threats of legal action.

    Cyrus posted a screenshot Thursday night of some of O'Connor's tweets from 2011 when O'Connor was, in her words, "ill and seeking medical help." (O'Connor has since abandoned the Twitter handle @vampyahslayah, which has been taken up by another user.)
  2. Cyrus then posted a photo of O'Connor's 1992 appearance on Saturday Night Live. At the conclusion of her musical performance, O'Connor tore in half a picture of Pope John Paul II. Cyrus is preparing to host Saturday Night Live this week.
  3. O'Connor replied with a post on Facebook accusing Cyrus of mocking those with mental illness. "I mean really really… who advises you? have you any idea how stupid and dangerous it is to mock people for suffering illness?" she wrote. 

    She then posted again to Facebook, implying that legal action is in the works. 
  4. Ms Cyrus has today posted tweets of mine which are two years old and which were sent when I was ill and seeking medical help. She has done this in an attempt to deliberately cause me harm and hurt. I wish to confirm that I am quite well and kindly request people cease e mailing me in the mistaken belief these are recent tweets. Ms Cyrus' lawyers will be contacted by mine regarding this matter.
    I confirm also that I do not at all support or condone the abuse or mockery of those who have been brave enough to openly discuss mental health issues. Mockery causes deaths. Period. It is an unacceptable form of bullying, no matter who it is doing the bullying.

  5. Cyrus followed that up with a couple of tweets.
  6. Early Friday morning, O'Connor responded again. "I have no interest whatsoever in meeting you," she wrote on her Facebook wall

    "When you end up in the psych ward or rehab I'll be happy to visit you.. and would not lower myself to mock you"