1. A Facebook plea for plus-size prom dresses for a Massachusetts teenager spiralled into a community effort to ensure a magical night.

    Kristen Harris, a consignment store owner in Abington, Mass., was heartbroken when she couldn't find a dress that fit one of her customers. She used the store's Facebook page to post an appeal for prom dresses, according to CBS Boston.
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  5. "I heard her crying and it just killed me," Harris told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

    "There should have been something there for her, there should be something everywhere for everybody."

    Her Facebook call-out unleashed a flood of offers of prom dresses for the teen.
  6. How tall is she? I have a gown size 20 that my stepdaughter wore to my wedding. It needs to be cleaned so I have to drop it off at the cleaners
  7. I have a 22 that is stunning. Very couture. My daughter wore it to her jr prom and is 5"5.
  8. If you find her please inbox me! I have several bridesmaid gowns she could try and have if she likes any. I have dark purple, red and black, light green and yellow. I have pics if you would like to see them.
  9. I just saw this post. I have a gorgeous blue dress that I got for my niece at Irene's in Abington. Will gladly donate. What are your hours?
  10. I have a bunch of cocktail dresses in this size, some brand new. Will gladly donate! You're lovely for posting and for making such a generous offer!
  11. According to CBS Boston, Harris is giving the teen the dress she chooses to wear to prom. Other local business owners, including a hair stylist, a florist and a photographer have offered their services free of charge as well.
  12. You are truly an amazing person. My daughter and I were just reading this and if she does come in please let her know that I own a hair salon in Rockland - Theresa's hair Say and we will give her a beautiful up do for her prom on us - no charge ! Again you are a remarkable person and I am in awe of you!
  13. Pick out one of my prom pieces and give it to her. Compliments of Simple Treasures. :)
  14. Please offer her a matching corsage and boutonnière compliments of Heirloom Designs. If she can't find one that matches have her reach out to me.
  15. Hi Kristin...My name is Tracy from T.L.S Photography. I would like to offer your Beautiful Prom Girl a Free "Rock That Prom Dress" Photo Session! Please call me at 508-509-0031 so we can make arrangements
  16. I am a stylist with Stella & Dot. If she would love some gorgeous jewelry to go with her dress please contact me. She can look on my website with you and I can have them shipped to the shop. Her identity can stay anonymous . Our company is about bringing joy and empowerment to women. I would love to help her sparkle on her special day.  www.stelladot.com/missybryanmissybryan@verizon.net 
  17. Harris did not know the identity of the teen who left empty-handed but reconnected with her after receiving a Facebook message from the girl, CBS Boston reported.

    In a Facebook post thanking customers for their contributions, she wrote that she plans to have a private fitting session for the girl next week.
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  19. In her quest to find the teen and dresses for her, Harris also encouraged more plus-size donations.

    "I want something in my store for everyone from a prom dress to pants," she wrote on Facebook.

    In a post on Wednesday, she downplayed suggestions that the prom dress plea was a stunt to drum up business.

    "I don't need a news plug for my tiny consignment shop in Abington. I opened it because it's my passion," she wrote.

    She also said she would offer private fittings for other girls.

    Others on Facebook told their own tales of prom night and the hunt for dresses for other special occasions.
  20. I'm literally tearing up. I was this size in high school and I couldn't find a prom dress anywhere. I wound up having one made and it was just nothing like what I wanted. I'm so touched to see so many people reaching out to make this girl's prom everything it should be!
  21. Thanks for doing this for this teen. Speaking as someone who was always teased about my weight in school I know how this young lady feels. I often cried after shopping trips for homecoming, prom even my wedding. More store owners should realize that women come in all shapes and sizes and we want to shop at someplace besides Lane Bryant.
  22. being a plus size girl my whole life I cried many tears of not finding pretty dresses. I so admire you for keeping this girls self respect for not naming her.... You have no idea how you have helped this young lady I pray god will help your shop florish.<3
  23. I will be up tomorrow with my dress! I know how it feels not to be able to find a dress! I myself use to be a size 22 and what you go through to find something to make you feel beautiful! Even now at a size 14/16 I still have a hard time. If my dress can not help this young lady then maybe it can help another young girl!
  24. There are too many times I have cried in a dressing room for this same reason, so this story brings tears anew - happy, of course. Much love to you and everyone helping her out <3
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