1. Ted Goossen of Thompson, Man., is an unlikely internet celebrity. He's not a cute kid who can rap or a bug-eyed kitten or even an active YouTuber; he's simply a creative man who lives in a very, very cold place.

    A video shot by Goossen and his wife more than four years ago has suddenly gone viral this week after popping up on Reddit Thursday morning.

    Dubbed "the most Canadian couple ever" by the original poster, Goossen and his wife are seen in the video trying to blow bubbles during a cold snap in their northern Manitoba city.
  2. blowing bubbles at -45C
  3. "Here we are at a crisp –45 C in Thompson, MB Canada on March 11, 2009 - the coldest day of the winter so far," reads the video's caption. "Wind chill factor is at –50."
  4. While the sight of the bubbles freezing in mid-air is extraordinary on its own, it's the adorable couple and their enthusiasm for the project who make this video so share-worthy.

    "Keep blowing bubbles, hun!" shouts Goossen as his wife puffs into an ice cream cone-shaped bubble dispenser. "It's a good day to blow bubbles!"
  5. Eventually, Goossen hands the camera over and takes on the task of blowing bubbles himself. He excitedly describes what's happening as he tries to catch frozen bubbles with his bare hands.

    "It is a little cool out here. Some of you are wondering what I'm doing without my jacket," he says to the camera. "I do have my head covered. That's where most of the heat goes."

    Goossen ends the video by tossing a glass of water into the air. The water promptly becomes snow which falls all over him.

    "That's what we do for excitement here in Thompson, Man., at –45!" he laughs. "Thanks, hun, for helping out!"
  6. A flood of new comments have appeared under the video since Thursday thanks to Reddit and several blogs that have picked it up. 

    "I watched this just for the commentary. Your sweet words warmed my heart. I hope to be an old cheesy married couple like you two one day!" wrote Jesus Exists.

    "You are all so blasted adorable," reads another comment by Abby Normal.

    "What I love is this guy is in a shirt in -45 hahahaha," wrote Stacey Iwaskow. "Canadians are hard as f***."
    On Reddit, many were commenting about the Goossens' accent and inherent "Canadian-ness."
  7. Their accents are so endearing. "Jus' keep blowing those baubles, hun."
  8. I thought How I Met Your Mother was exaggerating when they portrayed Canadians, but wow they really do sound like that.
  9. As a Canadian, I wish I had a Canadian accent :(
  10. Others were drawn to the couple's friendly demeanour and obvious love for one another.
  11. I just want to go hang out with this couple. They seems like the nicest, most genuine people.
  12. Love is going out in -45 degrees to film your husband blowing bubbles.
  13. She's so cute. He's so excited and he talks over her, so she has to say excuse me to get in a word :3
  14. One Redditor took the liberty of making a word cloud for the thread, which now boasts more than 1,400 comments.
  15. Do you have any cold weather traditions or tricks? Share them with us below!
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