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Magazine duped by CBC Radio 'visual allergy' parody


  1. This month's Harper's magazine includes a brief mention of a "story" on the satirical CBC Radio show This Is That. Its tongue-in-cheek Twitter correction called the interview "lies perpetrated by the nefarious CBC."

    The magazine's Findings feature includes a factoid about a student at the fictional University of Nanaimo who is suing her school for failing to accommodate her "visual allergies" to various objects, including cactuses, escalators, tall people and the colour mauve.

    This Is That aired the interview with "Emily Stuart" in November.
  2. A couple of eagle-eyed fans of the show spotted the mention in the magazine's print edition.
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  4. Harper's even mentioned the "fact" on its Twitter feed on Saturday.
  5. It published a retraction and apology on Twitter yesterday afternoon.
  6. The producers of This Is That were only too happy to accommodate.
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  8. This Is That has fooled professional journalists before. Its interview with a fictional Montreal city councilor who advocated requiring all dogs in the city to obey commands in both English and French was picked up by a radio show on PRI and a blog from New York Magazine.