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Lindsay Lohan watchers live-tweet Liz & Dick premiere

Tons of viewers tuned in to the TV premiere of a film based on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship Sunday night, many for the sole purpose of seeing how well (or poorly) actress Lindsay Lohan fared in the title role.


  1. After months of anticipation, rumour, and leaked shots of Lindsay Lohan in bathing suits on set, the television movie Liz & Dick premiered Sunday evening on Lifetime.

    The film, which recounts the scandalous relationship between screen icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during the 1960s and 70s, stars Lohan as Taylor - a controversial casting choice but also potentially great in terms ratings.
  2. According to Entertainment Weekly, 3.5 million viewers tuned into Lifetime on Sunday night, many of them for the sole purpose of seeing how well (or poorly) Lohan fared.
  3. The 26-year-old child star turned paparazzi magnet had reportedly been struggling for years to get her career back on track after a series of high-profile legal cases and stints in rehab. 

    Fans were hopeful that this might be her comeback role.
  4. But many critics were unimpressed with LiLo's performance as Taylor.

    In his review, The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman calls the actress "woeful as Taylor from start to finish."

    "At one point, Lohan has to shout, 'I won’t live without you!' and then run down a hall. It’s like a high school play," he wrote. "By the time Lohan is playing mid-’80s Taylor and it looks like a lost Saturday Night Live skit, your body may be cramped by convulsions."

    The star's inconsistent British accent and failure to master (or even attempt) Taylor's signature girlish tone of voice was particularly irksome to many.
  5. Yet, despite the poor reviews, people were watching. Both 'Lifetime' and the hashtag '#lizanddick' were trending during the film's first run.

    Like any widely-watched televised event, such as an award show or major sports game, comedians had a field day. Many of them poked fun at Lohan's real-life bag girl image and past roles in films like Mean Girls and The Parent Trap.