Jodie Foster's rambling non-coming-out speech steals Golden Globes spotlight

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  1. Jodie Foster was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes awards last night and her acceptance speech was long and rambling. And popular. And rather confusing.
  2. Cecil B. DeMille Award: Jodie Foster - Golden Globe Awards
  3. She began her speech by announcing her age - she turned 50 in November - and referencing this classic Saturday Night Live sketch.
  4. She paid tribute to her family and had some very quotable inspirational lines.
  5. Her speech was quite popular among celebrities and people who watch celebrities.
  6. Emily Deschanel was visibly moved by Foster's speech, much to her makeup artist's chagrin.

  7. Emily crying off my makeup during Jodie Foster's speech! Adore her!
  8. The actress wasn't the only audience member to well up at Foster's words. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson were also spotted brushing away tears.
  9. In fact, were people talking about anything else this morning?
  10. But even as Foster's speech earned praise, many people found it quite baffling.