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Guy Fieri parody menu creator slammed for stealing Twitter jokes


  1. A New York City programmer has gone from instant hero to internet villain over the course of one day after it was learned that the jokes on his viral Guy Fieri parody menu were plagiarized almost entirely from old tweets.
  2. “Guy Fieri didn't register his restaurant's domain name, so I picked it up,” tweeted Bryan Mytko of the spiky-haired celebrity chef Tuesday evening. “I think this new menu look great “


    The URL he includes is simply the name of Fieri's actual New York restaurant, . The domain links to a single-page parody menu that includes dishes like "The 'Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam' Appetizer” and “Captain Beefheart.”

  3. Praise started rolling in for the project almost immediately.
  4. Mytko's original post has been retweeted more than 1,600 times and his menu was quickly picked up by dozens of blogs and media outlets.
  5. As the menu spread online however, some people noticed that the copy felt familiar.
  6. Members of the "Weird Twitter" subculture @a_girl_irl and @boring_as_heck were two of the many people quick to speak out in defense of those whose jokes had been taken without credit or permission -- their own included.

    The image below was compiled by @boring_as_heck to illustrate some striking similarities between Mytko's menu copy, and a series of jokes inspired by the scathing New York Times Food review of Fieri's restaurant back in September.
  7. @a_girl_irl created an even more detailed graphic, lining up individual tweets with menu items. As @Bro_Pair pointed out, more than half of the tweets were taken from one user; @DinkMagic.
  8. "Making fun of Guy Fieri is literally the easiest thing on earth to do and that guy just ripped people off instead," @DinkMagic tweeted in response to the news.
  9. Adding further insult to injury, Gawker recieved a tip that Mytko hadn't even designed the menu -- it was created by a friend named Pauline Vassiliadis who was not given credit for her work.
  10. In a since-deleted Tweet, Mytko responded to the allegations.
  11. He later gave credit to two of the original joke writers on Twitter, with a qualifying statement to indicate he didn't know that the material was theirs.