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I [Heart] New York revamp? Fuggedaboutit!


  1. New York State has launched a new advertising campaign to promote summer tourism.
  2. In addition to the two television ads, the state on Thursday launched an interactive multimedia campaign asking New Yorkers to submit their own versions of the iconic "I [Heart] New York" logo.

    Submissions to date include a lighthouse, smoking barbecue, a couple of baseballs, a martini glass and fireworks, among others.
  3. Also submitted, perhaps stubbornly, were two hearts.

    Hard to know if the hearts are a small form protest. But it's clear that not everybody is a fan of the campaign.
  4. The logo was first developed by graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1977 for an earlier state marketing campaign. 

    It adorns everything from t-shirts to shot glasses. And certainly this isn't the first time it's been tampered with. 
  5. And one even used a portrait of New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.
  6. Despite the controversy over the summer campaign, some were willing to put their own stamp on things.