Harriet Tubman 'sex tape' sparks outrage, apology

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  1. Is an apology enough after Russell Simmons, co-creator of hip-hop label Def Jam, posted a Harriet Tubman 'sex tape' on his new YouTube channel?

    Many people were outraged after watching the video — now taken down — which reportedly shows the African-American abolitionist seducing white plantation owners, with a slave videotaping it from a closet.

    It infers that the evidence of these sexual romps was used to blackmail the slave owners, helping Tubman free so many slaves in the late 1800s.
  2. Why #RussellSimmons take the video down? I love when my historical legends are compared to Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton. #HarrietTubman smh
  3. Simmons was quick to respond to the criticism by taking it down, not before some people were able to take screenshots depicting Tubman and a plantation owner on a bed in various sexual positions, albeit fully clothed.
  4. So it took a call from his "buddies" at the @naacp for him to realize that the entire idea was absurd?? Alright, we'll chalk it up to a lapse in judgment Russell. Thanks for the apology.
  5. Some people appreciated the retraction from Simmons, known as @UncleRUSH on Twitter, and let the incident slide.
  6. But many others remained angry and shocked by what they saw in the video, and that it was even posted in the first place.
  7. Harriet is for us!!!! You can't come for her #russellsimmons we will not allow it!!! #harriettubman
  8. What do you think of Russell Simmons' apology?