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Google Doodle busts Canadian zipper myth

An interactive Google Doodle celebrating the birth of Swedish-American engineer Gideon Sundback is revealing that the zipper isn't as Canadian an invention as many thought.


  1. Today's Google Doodle marks the 132th anniversary of the birth of Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American engineer who invented the modern zipper. 
  2. The zipper doodle is interactive, so when you click and drag down the zipper pull, the search results page for Gideon Sundback is revealed. 
  3. Google Salutes Gideon Sundback Inventor of the Zipper In New Doodle (
  4. But after clicking through to the links about Sundback, some Canadians noted that something was missing. 
  5. Well, is the zipper Canadian? 

    Sundback was born on a farm in Smaland, Sweden in 1880. He studied engineering in Germany and later emigrated to the United States. He worked at companies based in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, developing improvements on hook-and-eye fasteners. 
  6. His second prototype for a fastener that was not based on hooks and eyes, "Hookless No. 2," was the basis for his 1917 patent for the "separable fastener." 
  7. So where's the Canadian connection? 

    One of the first companies to manufacture the zipper was Sundback's Lightning Fastener Company in St. Catherines, Ont. 
  8. It's not surprising that so many Canadians think the zipper belongs to us. It's commonly included in lists of Canadian inventions and was even featured on the CBC program The Greatest Canadian Invention. The zipper placed eighth in a poll conducted for the program. 
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