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Sisters live-tweet arrest after baseball field dash


  1. Like many field-rushers before them, Kaleigh, Torrie, and Emily Hill got their 15-seconds of fame last week for interrupting the NCAA's College World Series finals in Nebraska.

    But the story of these three fun-loving Omaha sisters is proving to have more longevity than your typical run-of-the-mill streaker or even rogue field-scrambling feline.

    That's because, along with dozens of press cameras and audience members attending the UCLA vs. Mississippi State game, the Hill sisters filmed and published the entire sequence of events themselves in real time.
  2. The field rush started with a Tweet from Kayleigh (@gonedownHILL) that has since been deleted. 

    "If everyone chips in to the $1500 fine between me Emily and torrie, we will run on the field," wrote Kayleigh on June 26. " Guys I actually really wanna."

    "End of the 6th, kayleigh torrie and I are running on the field. Watch for us," Emily Hill (@mothafukaimhILL) Tweeted shortly thereafter.

  3. Whether or not someone, or many people, swooped in with a generous donation is unknown, but the sisters went for it either way, recording the first six seconds of their run on Vine. 

    That post no longer exists, but Larry Brown Sports was able to export it as a GIF for posterity before it disappeared. 

  4. Many are calling Kayleigh's Vine "the world's most expensive / greatest selfie," and hailing the girls for their spirit.

  5. The move wasn't without consequence, however. All three sisters were apprehended by police during their sprint, and then taken out of the stadium. 

    Torrie Hill, the youngest of the three girls, Tweeted that she was let go for being a minor. Her two older sisters reportedly spent the night in jail.
  6. Friends and family members demanded freedom for "team Hill" and extended praise for the girls on Twitter:
  7. When the Hill sisters were released, they took to Twitter once again. Emily had a message for one particular person in the stadium that night.

    "I hope the guy that tackled me follows me. Shawty you was fiiiiiiine," she wrote.

  8. According to stadium rules, the girls could still be facing a $1,500 charge for disrupting the game. A small price to pay for the fun they had, if you ask Torrie:

    "Ask me if it was worth it It was," she wrote.

    Have you ever done something wild despite the consequences you knew you might face? Why, and what happened? Share your stories below!