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'Gangnam Style' goes gangbusters: South Korea's catchiest pop export

Internationally viral sensation spawns internet memes, parody videos, dance craze and rumours of a potential Justin Bieber K-Pop project.


  1. If you haven’t heard of PSY yet, don’t fret – we have good reason to believe you’ll be hearing a lot more about him soon.

  2.  The 34-year-old South Korean rapper and reality TV personality (whose real name is Jae-Sang Park) is the man behind an internationally viral sensation called “Gangnam Style” that’s got millions around the globe obsessed with his moves, style and and music. 

  3. Uploaded to YouTube on July 15, a wacky music video for the insanely catchy track has raked in more than 33 million views in just over a month making it one of the fastest-spreading K-Pop (Korean Pop) music videos in North American history.
  4. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V
  5. PSY’s “invisible horse” and other quirky dance moves from the Gangnam Style video are beginning to take over dance floors worldwide, and as internet buzz builds so too does the artist’s appeal for international record producers and potential collaborators like T-Pain and Josh Groban.

  6. Rumor has it, the artist will be meeting with Justin Bieber’s management team in Los Angeles this month to discuss the possibility of working together.
  7. Yeah. He’s blowing up.


    But while Gangnam style streams through earphones around from Seoul to Saskatoon, it would appear as though many outside of Korea have no idea what the phrase actually means.
  8. According to PSY himself, the phrase repeated throughout the video, "Oppan Gangnam Style,” roughly translated into English means "Girls, your big brother is Gangnam Style."


    In an interview with ABC news, PSY explains that "Gangnam Style" refers to a luxurious lifestyle associated with Seoul’s trendy and affluent Gangnam district.


    “Gangnam means, it's like Beverly Hills of Korea," he says. "But the guy doesn't look like Beverly Hills. Dance doesn't look like Beverly Hills. ... And the situation in music video doesn't look like Beverly Hills. But he keeps saying I'm Beverly Hills style. So that's the point. It's sort of a twist."

  9. Whether they understand its meaning or not, audiences around the world are gung-ho for Gangnam style, creating parody videos, image macro memes and even declaring it successor to the ubiquitous catchphrase YOLO.