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Fetal alcohol syndrome campaigns ignites debate online

Are we doing enough to save unborn children from the severe effects of women drinking while pregnant?


  1. The Nunavut government is launching a new campaign to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The poster depicts a woman drinking and the alcohol suffocating her the unborn child in her womb (see above.)

    The campaign is just one of a number of aggressive campaigns recently rolled out across Canada to draw attention to FASD.

    FASD can cause a range of physical, mental and behavioural problems in children whose mothers drink during pregnancy. Many cases on undiagnosed because FASD-like behaviour is often mistaken for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.)

    Nunavut is believed to have a high rate of children born with FASD, but the difficulty of diagnosing the disease means statistics are unavailable. 

  2. Many of our readers agree that any kind of awareness is good awareness:
  3. There should just more general public education about this. I for one rarely glance at posters unless I'm sitting in an office somewhere.
  4. i think this will help mothers to have second thoughts about drinking while pregnant
  5. This should be everywhere. There's too many women who think drinking is OK while pregnant and they need to be educated.
  6. Others say these kinds of advertisements aren't targeting the systemic or medical issues behind FASD. September 9th marked International FAS Awareness Day and the LCBO ran a campaign with the slogan: "Love your Body. Love your Baby. Don't Drink While Pregnant." Here's how some of our readers responded:
  7. Are we doing enough to combat FASD? What is the best way to draw awareness to this issue? Please leave your comments below! Thank you!