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FedEx responds to viral video of "unacceptable" delivery

A video of a FedEx courier tossing a computer monitor over a two-metre fence was posted on YouTube Monday. By Wednesday, the video had been watched millions of times and FedEx apologized in its own YouTube video.


  1. FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor
  2. The video quickly went viral when it was posted to blogs such as The Consumerist
  3. Fortunately for "fail" blogs, the video is short enough to get the animated gif treatment: 
  4. The video was shown on Good Morning America, covered on CNN and was the topic of David Letterman's Top 10 list Wednesday night. 
  5. David Letterman - FedEx Guy Excuses Top Ten
  6. FedEx responded Wednesday with a YouTube video of its own and a blog post saying that the courier's behaviour was "absolutely, positively unacceptable." 
  7. FedEx Response to Customer Video
  8. The company also posted a series of tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday addressing the problem. 
  9. People on Twitter praised FedEx for the speed and manner of its response. 
  10. But the computer monitor delivery video isn't the only one on YouTube showing FedEx couriers casually tossing packages around.