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'Face of Ukraine': Maidan protesters' stories told on social media


  1. Protests in Ukraine's capital Kyiv turned deadly Tuesday with at least 25 people killed and hundreds injured. Protesters stood their ground Wednesday and seized the city's main post office.
  2. While many photos from the protests show groups of police and masked demonstrators amid a Kyiv in flames, people have been using social media to provide a closer look at the protesters.

    "Yes, this is the face of Ukraine right now," writes freelance photojournalist Vlad Sodel, who has been posting dramatic photos of the protests in Kyiv's Independence Square, also called the Maidan.
  3. On Monday, the YouTube account for the documentary A Whisper to a Roar posted this video of a young Ukrainian woman explaining why demonstrators have taken to the streets against their government.
  4. The filmmaker, Ben Moses, told the Huffington Post that he isn't naming the woman for her safety.

    The video description on YouTube links to a Facebook page called Maidaners, a project run by volunteer journalists and translators to put faces and names to the Kyiv protesters.
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  7. Journalist Kristina Berdinskikh told the Kyiv Post that the project began with a Facebook post about a group of medical volunteers and grew to a Facebook page featuring dozens of profiles.

    The original page in Ukrainian went up on Dec. 20 and other languages followed, including English, translated by readers who volunteered over Facebook.
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  9. “I didn’t expect people to tell me their names. I knew how dangerous it might be for them, and I was surprised when public figures, businessmen spoke openly,” Berdinskikh told the Post.

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