1. "I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting." That was seemingly the takeaway for Donald Trump, following the billionaire's Twitter blunder Monday morning — the latest in a string of social media gaffes — when a prankster fooled him into retweeting a photo of convicted serial killers

    Twitter user @Feckhead, (a "failed comedian," according to his bio), tweeted at Trump with an image he claimed to be of his late parents who apparently said the real estate tycoon was a "big inspiration." @Feckhead asked that Trump retweet the photo "for their memory."

    But in actuality, the image depicted British serial killers Fred and Rose West, the Guardian reported, and Trump inadvertently retweeted it.
  2. Amid a flood of ridicule, Trump deleted the tweet, according to Sky News, but see it screen-grabbed below via Sky News.
  3. Later Monday morning, Trump tweeted in response to the social media misfortune, saying "maybe I'll sue."
  4. There was little sympathy for Trump, whose "Twitter tribute" became fodder for other Twitter users requesting retweets for ailing "relatives."
  5. But others felt the original tweet was in poor taste, given the grim history.
  6. Though that did not deter Twitter users from dishing out kudos to @Feckhead ...
  7. ... Or taking cues from the tweet and swamping Trump with retweet requests with photos — perhaps, more familiar. 
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