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Disney's 'Frozen' merchandise shortage creates mob of angry parents


  1. Looking for a dress, wig, doll, crown, towel, T-shirt or anything else bearing the official branding of Disney's hit film Frozen? Good luck.

    Parents everywhere are reportedly in a mad frenzy trying to track down toys and merchandise from the movie, which recently become the highest grossing animated film of all time.

    Whether they're on a quest for Easter gifts, birthday presents or even already prepping for Christmas 2014, frustration is running high among parents who can't seem to get their hands on the elusive "Elsa Dress" among other items.

    According to customer complaints (backed up by online shop listings,) Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and even the Disney store itself have been sold out of nearly every piece of Frozen merchandise since the line launched, despite aggressive restocking efforts.
  2. Hundreds have turned to the Disney Store's Facebook page with their complaints, writing long and emotional pleas for more Frozen merchandise to be stocked.

    "I have been staying up late every night checking the site. I didn't think the site would refresh during the day. SO irritated!" " wrote Shauna Oddo yesterday.  "My girl has been waiting for a classic Elsa doll since Christmas. She can't understand why Santa didn't get her one since it was what she wanted most. Now she is hoping that the Easter Bunny will put one in her basket. She has been so patient. I really think this might be what stops her believing in Santa and the Easter Bunny. I can't afford to spend over $100 on eBay for a $16 doll. This whole situation makes me so sad and angry. Thank you Disney for killing the magic for my 6 year old."

    Similarly, Joy Greenburg wrote: 

    "I have been getting up at midnight for weeks to get Frozen plush dolls and an Elsa costume. I was incredibly disappointed to see that you restocked in the middle of the day. It's great that more merchandise is available (although sold out by the time I happened upon the website), but I am tired (literally, after nights and nights of midnight website refreshing). I just want to give my daughter an Elsa costume to make her 8th birthday at Disneyland even more magical."

    Others are using the Facebook page to barter and trade Frozen items.
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  4. Similarly, a Tumblr page called Frozen Merch has been set up to help parents find, buy and sell clothes and toys from the film.
  5. Some of those who've had success in finding Frozen merchandise, either by waiting for restocks and purchasing straight away or by going to Disneyland itself, are getting entrepreneurial with their finds.

    One Ebay seller has listed an "authentic Snow Princess Elsa costume gown" for $1,599.99 and another has all four "Disney limited edition Frozen Elsa and Anna dolls" for sale at $8,000.
  6. It appears as though these items are too pricey for some parent's tastes, however -- both have zero bids to date. That said, an Elsa dress in the U.K. that was listed for £74.00 had 25 bids before it was sold.

    On crating site Etsy, some sellers are listing home-made Elsa-style dresses for a fraction of the official garment's price -- with all of the availability!

    Currently, more than 800 items -- most of them dresses or dress patterns -- are returned on an Etsy search for "Frozen Elsa Dress."
  7. Have you tried unsuccessfully to purchase any Frozen merchandise in Canada or abroad? Share your stories with us below.