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Onion followers cry foul over fake hostage tweets

A series of tweets about a bogus hostage situation at the U.S. Capitol fall flat for the satirical news organization, as followers struggle to determine if they're true and then slam them for being in poor taste.


  1. On Thursday morning, The Onion's Twitter feed began publishing news about a hostage situation at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

    The tweets described a terrifying scene of children taken hostage by members of Congress and demands for an exorbitant ransom.

  2. The original tweets were retweeted more than 100 times. But many people were confused as to whether the event was real or whether The Onion's feed had been hacked.

  3. The Washington Post reported that The Onion confirmed the tweets were a fake news story, and that they were not hacked.

  4. Some thought the tweets were in poor taste, or simply not funny.
  5. Others thought the negative feedback was an overreaction to a website best known for its biting satirical content.

  6. After news of #CongressHostage and its nature spread, @TheOnion's latest tweets seemed to turn more towards the humorous bent, rather than the potentially confusing.

    What do you think? Are @TheOnion's tweets insensitive, or smart satire?