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6 GIFs that personalized the news in 2012



  1. Cinemagram, a small Canadian start-up with roots in Montreal, is one of the apps competing to become the so-called Instagram of GIF-making.

    As thousands download the app each day, community manager Katie Sehl says she's been surprised at the number of "cines" -- or 2-second animated GIFS -- that reflect important issues of the day.

    "The news aspect is something we had not anticipated initially, but are really excited about," Sehl told CBC News. "Every news story is huge for our users: Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 election, even Black Friday."

    After having seen countless images, Sehl sent CBC News her six favourite personalized news images of 2012.
  2. 6) Hello from Romney

    "Mitt Romney gave me a head nod" notes JessLekstuis, who shared a front row view during the 2012 U.S. presidential elections.
  3. 5) Scenes during Sandy

    Watucookin shared this image during Hurricane Sandy, noting only: "She blowin"
  4. 4) Montreal student protests

    Sophtron watches a parade of activists streaming past her window.
  5. 3) Obama's 'broken heart'

    JamiePoz15 takes us into her living room as she watches U.S. President Barack Obama's speech following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
  6. 2) John Corey Stringfellow shares a scene from a vigil for those who died in Connecticut.
  7. 1) Wake Jake

    JT Schonhoft shares very personal breaking news. His younger brother Jake, who is progressing out of a coma, moves his hand in Sehl's favourite image.
  8. On his website,, J.T. explains:

    "My little brother and best friend Jake took a nasty spill down a set of unforgiving concrete steps on October 27th [2012]. He is currently coming out of an induced coma."

    We're happy to report that young Jake has since fully recovered.