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Chris Hadfield crowned 'King of Space' in Kazakhstan by the Internet


  1. He's back on solid ground, but space-lovers just can't seem to get enough of Commander Chris Hadfield.

    A photo of the Canadian astronaut taken just after his safe return to Earth Monday has been delighting  people around the web today, prompting many to express their joy over Hadfield being crowned the "King of Space" in Kazakhstan.
  2. This is, of course, but a rumour. 

    To the best of our knowledge, Hadfield is not the king of space in Kazahkstan, nor does that title even exist. 

    The photo seen above, screencapped from a Canadian Space Agency video, was taken during a ceremony attended by the crew of Expedition 35 in Kazakhstan, where their Soyuz capsule landed.
  3. First recorded comments by Chris Hadfield after landing
  4. Hadfield, along with American astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian astronaut Roman Romanenko, were dressed in traditional Kazakh attire throughout the ceremony, drank tea and were offered welcoming presents -- including these Matryoshkas depicting Expedition 35 crew.
  5. Hadfield spoke of the importance of space exploration to reporters during the meeting, at one point holding up the nesting doll to ask “Does it look like me?”

    It was a a photo of that very moment that made it onto Reddit with the title "Chris Hadfield was recently crowned King of Space in Kazakhstan."
  6. It didn't take long for the rumour to spread on Twitter and Facebook, and while some people appear to have sincerely thought Hadfield was bestowed the fictional honour, many more were in on the joke.
  7. You Canadians should elect this guy King of Canada
  8. Can Canadians get knighted? Cos if they can, he should be.
  9. LONG LIVE King Hadfield!!
  10. make Chris Hadfield action figures and take my money pls.
  11. Hadfield's son Evan (DoctorNose on Reddit), is an active member of the site, often attributed as responsible for the astronaut's online popularity. He got some laughs out of the following photo and figured his dad might too:
  12. This made my day. I'm making a book of funny pictures for Dad when I see him. Do you mind if I use yours?
  13. Go for it, all of us here are happy if our work gets shown around.