1. A British Airways advertisement, encouraging travellers to "discover the Indian Ocean," raised a few eyebrows amid the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet, but the airline apologized, saying it was pre-scheduled. 

    According to British newspaper Metro, the interactive ad appeared beside an escalator at a London railway station, days after the Malaysian prime minister said the plane is believed to have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean

    "Escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean," reads the ad, with the ocean in its background.
  2. (Photo: Reddit)

    (CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article included an altered version of the ad showing an airplane underwater. This parody version of the ad appeared in the Reddit thread where the ad originally appeared. We regret the error.)

    The airline apologized on Twitter on Thursday.
  3. An image of the advertisement initially appeared on Reddit, Metro reported, and it was met with scepticism over its authenticity. The Redditor then posted a second image of the ad, filled with fish.
  4. To those saying this picture is a fake, it's not. It's a video ad currently running on the escalators at Euston station in London. Here's another pic complete with swimming fish: i.imgur.com/XEUMnGB.jpg" class="">i.imgur.com/XEUMnGB.jpg
  5. But as noted by the airline on Twitter, the advertisement was pre-scheduled.

    In a statement to Metro, British Airways said "this campaign was planned some months ago and we recognize that its appearance at this time is inappropriate."

    While many said that the advertisement was ill-timed, most were pleased with the airline's response.
  6. Earlier this week, an ad for Apple's iPad Air landed above a New York Times story on the Malaysian Airlines flight.
  7. In an interview with Advertising Age, a Times spokesperson said "it was an unfortunate coincidence that this particular creative ran adjacent to that particular article."

    "The ad was taken down by mutual agreement and we are still determining a resolution regarding placing the ad again."
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