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Bill Nye, Ken Ham provoke giant creation debate online


  1. A debate on the origin of life, the Universe and everything between Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and Creationist Museum head Ken Ham was the talk of Twitter last night, as supporters of both sides followed along and posted their reactions.
  2. Both Nye and Ham's organization, Answers in Genesis, promoted the debate on their Twitter accounts.
  3. Even before the debate began, people were debating whether it was a good idea for Nye to engage in such a debate — hosted at the Kentucky museum that show humans living alongside dinosaurs — and whether it gave legitimacy to the creationists.

    A humour Twitter account using the tongue-in-cheek "voice of God" put it this way:
  4. You can watch the entire 2.5-hour debate in this video posted to the Answers in Genesis YouTube account (which, inexplicably, starts after a 13-minute countdown. Just skip ahead.)
  5. Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham - HD
  6. During the debate, people used Twitter to post their favourite points, lines and rhetorical jabs on both sides of the debate.
  7. Creationists, such as actress Candace Cameron Bure, were very pleased by Ham's theatrically oblique references to the Bible.
  8. Those backing Nye in the debate were quick to turn this point around to argue that the Bible is all the creationists have.
  9. Creationists also took glee in the number of times Nye answered questions — on the origin of life or human consciousness — with "I don't know."
  10. But those supporting the scientific method pointed out that "I don't know" is an honest answer and emphasizes exactly how science works.