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Bill Cosby sweater contest seeks most iconic outfit


  1. Bill Cosby, the father of the ugly sweater phenomenon, is turning to his fans to help determine which of his closetful of eye-crossing knitwear is the best at being the worst the best at being the worst.
  2. Cosby wore the sweaters as Dr. Cliff Huxtable over eight seasons of The Cosby Show, spanning 1984-92.

    Sarah Lemire, the show's costume designer, says she tried making suits for him, but he preferred the unusual sweaters. Apparently, Cosby told her he wanted people to talk about the clothes.

    She says they worked for his one-of-a-kind personality. "The sweater didn't wear him. He wore the sweater."
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  6. Some of the sweaters are now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York city. Rochelle Slovin, the museum's director, says the sweaters are worthy of  being featured because they are, "something that he wore night after night going into American homes."
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  9. The term "Cosby sweater" has become common place since Dr. Cliff Huxtable last entered American homes.
  10. Fans have embraced the style, and even the man himself still sports the iconic sweaters from time to time.
  11. Now, fans of Dr. Huxtable's outfits can help crown a winner by voting in the Cosby Sweater Tournament.

    The contest started with 32 sweaters divided into four categories: argyle, cardigan, pullover and cashmere. During the first three rounds of voting, sweaters will face off against another sweater in the same category.

    One sweater from each category will advance to the fourth round, which will pit an argyle against a cardigan and a cashmere against a pullover.
  12. The contest is now down to the Fleecy 8 stage, which will determine one winner from each category.
  13. The victorious cardigan, argyle, cashmere and pullover will be whittled down to two sweaters in the next round of voting, and finally one champion will be crowned.
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    #bill #cosby #show #swaag mon image du pèretelevisuelementparlant!