1. A new ad from lobby group Canada's National Brewers paints a bleak picture of what Ontario would look like if its convenience stores and other retailers were allowed to sell beer, wine and spirits. Just... just listen to the music!
  2. Ontario Beer Facts - Good Kids
  3. The group, which lobbies on behalf of shareholders of The Beer Store, recently launched its Ontario Beer Facts campaign with TV ads and a Twitter account.
  4. People on Twitter were nearly unanimous is their opinion of the ad and the campaign in general. Many responded directly to its Twitter account's posts to let them know.
  5. And one pointed out that The Beer Store and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) already have agreements in place to sell alcohol within certain Ontario convenience stores.
  6. There was a lot of mockery of the ad going around.
  7. And many took the opportunity to point out an Ontario beer fact to Ontario Beer Facts neglected to mention in their ads.
  8. The Canada's National Brewers' assertion that selling beer in corner stores would lead to catastrophic results was especially bemusing to those familiar with the sale of alcoholic beverages outside of Ontario.
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