Americans line up for sales days ahead of Black Friday

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  1. Shoppers hoping to score deals on Black Friday are already lining up outside stores across the United States, despite the fact that the big day is still, well, days away.

    Black Friday sales typically start early on the Friday after American Thanksgiving, which falls on November 22 this year. Retailers will generally offer lower prices "while supplies last", but the amount of time those low prices are offered varies by retailer.  For example, Target, Macy's, Toys 'R Us and Best Buy offer their Black Friday prices until November 24th, while Wal-Mart extends the sale until November 25th.

    In recent years, retailers have also been offering "Cyber Monday" deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving to encourage more people to shop online. But it appears that this year, many are hoping to get a jump on deals by lining up outside of stores; in some cases more than a week early.

    Best Buy, in particular, seems to be a popular location for deal-seekers. WSB-TV in Atlanta posted this picture to their Instagram account, showing a man lining up outside a Best Buy there.
  2. Today we caught this man already lining up for Black Friday... Too soon?
  3. An ABC affiliate in southern California has the story of one woman who was asked to leave a Best Buy in El Cajon, a city near San Diego, after attempting to camp outside last week. The woman responded by setting up her tent outside another Best Buy, this one in neighbouring La Mesa.

    Meanwhile, KSAZ FOX 10, the Fox affiliate in Phoenix, Ariz profiled a small group of people waiting outside a Best Buy in Avondale, Ariz.
  4. Many Twitter users posted their own sightings.
  5. (It's not clear exactly where this Best Buy is located.)
  6. We've reached a new level of Black Friday psycho. It's Monday afternoon. Wow.
  7. Twitter user @mccallgrosso's bio says she lives in Hoschton, Georgia.
  8. Cortez's Twitter bio says he lives in Illinois.
  9. Stephanie G's bio says she lives in Orange County, California.
  10. And of course, there was the inevitable reaction to the lines on Twitter:
  11. What's the furthest you've gone for a deal? Share your stories below.