Teaching & Researching the Medieval Past in the Face of Present Crisis: Why and How Medieval Studies *Now*?

On March 8, Medievalists from the University of Chicago and beyond gathered to discuss the state of the field, what the study of the Middle Ages can provide in a time of political crisis, and what we can do to fight against the appropriation of the medieval by the radical right.


  1. Even before our conversation begins, U of C Medievalists eagerly distribute reading lists, speculate over how current events will impact the discussion

  2. The readings are still up on the Medieval Studies Workshop website for those who are interested!

  3. Far exceeding our expectations for attendance, nearly 80 undergraduates, grad students, faculty members, and others interested in the state of the field settled in as the event began

  4. Daisy Delogu, our moderator, introduces some of the motivations for tonight's event -- what does the current political climate mean for Medieval Studies?

  5. Our first presenter, Luke Fidler, discusses his experience teaching art history at the Stateville Correctional Center, a maximum security prison in Illinois